"I've lived on this damn rock my whole life! It really... makes me mad."


- Experiment Number: Specimen H-312
- Age: 23
- Gender: Male
- Faction: Unknown
- Weapon: Fire powers, abrasive personality


A young man with cobalt hair and red eyes.


He has a short temper and giant anger management issues. Unclear if that's innate or because he went through some major shit. Prone to violence, doesn't seem to like humans.

According to what is probably his case file, he's aggressive and has a tendency towards violent outbursts when he feels threatened. Unfortunately, it also indicates he's easily threatened. Apparently attempts to initiate rivalries with other male chimera.


He was born August 18, 1991, presumably in Facility H on the island the party's trapped on. He remained there, being experimented on, for 5 years before being moved to Facility King with the other Chimera. According to information left at Facility H, he only just met the minimum requirements to be considered, though it's unknown what those criteria are.

Presumably he broke out with the other Chimera five years ago.


  • Pyrokinesis: He can set shit on fire, yo. Also resists high temperatures and can't be Burned.


  • ??? (Arcanine): His sweet ride. Uses it to pick up all the Chimera ladies.


  • Joy: Called her a stupid girl
  • Flynn: Punched him in the face
  • Jean: Apparently protective of him.
  • K-150 (likely Rex): Apparently tried to undermine their status
  • Rin: Some chick he picks up scarves and trophies for. His Waifu.
  • Nyx: Unknown