"Sometimes, life isn't fair. We didn't get a choice, did we?"


- - Experiment Number: Specimen H-242
- Age: ???
- Gender: Male
- Faction: Re
- Weapon: Being a disgusting LIAR


A scrawny man with longish blonde hair and red-rimmed glasses.


Doesn't like humans, or at least willing to murder their asses. Openly gloated and explained their plans during a fight, so clearly has Evil Overlord syndrome going on.


Unknown, but likely born on the island, experimented on, then broke out five years ago.

The party met him when he was posing as one of the scientists. He found them hurt on a mountainside and brought them to Facility P.


  • Light powah: Flash, bang, boom.


  • Blissey: Means he's secretly a nurse Joy in disguise. Our Joy better watch out.

  • Mega-Kangaskhan: Got pwn't by Absol.

  • Honchkrow: weird looking

  • Scolipede: Also weirdlooking

  • Smergle: A beast!

  • Porygon-Z: Didn't make any impression on Judo.


  • Smith: Was working with him to trick the humans
  • Pyrrhus: His bro.