"Unfortunately we have more pressing things than worrying about what we've lost."


- Full Name: Flynn ???
- Age: 25
- Gender: Male
- Faction: Survival!
- Weapon: Grumpiness


A real Arboky-looking guy with a Seviper glare and neat, Flashy glasses. Has a streak of dyed blur hair on the side. Maybe a legacy of a misspent youth?


A bit of a Purugly, to be honest; surly, unpleasant to deal with, has a fat bottom, but he's also pragmatic, and definitely keeps his eye on the prize, ladies! Dunno where his other eye is focused, but half on the prize, half on the dessert, so they say. Also hasn't ditched the party in favor of becoming supreme overlord of the island with an army of Ekans and Sandshrews, so hey, that's a plus.


A pokemon hunter, he is given lists of what pokemon his clients would like to own and tracks them down. Was coming to the island to work when the boat crashed.


  • Pokemon Hunter: Excels at finding, trapping, and capturing pokemon.


  • Strava (Ekans): The only pokemon of his to not get lost in the crash. Tough and good at grappling things.

  • VIce (Krabby): First pokemon he got on the island. Slowly pinches bears to death.