• Details on how mostly unknown
  • Smith said something about attempting to take desirable traits for different species, and that they'd tried that with humans
  • Pyrrhus's case file mentioned he had a pokemon as a genetic father


  • Likely all of them exhibit traits of the pokemon they've associated with
    • Nyx had strong attacks and her shroud of darkness thing going on.
    • Pyrrhus had his fire powers (level 10 pyrokinesis at age 5, apparently) and ability to resist burns
  • Smith mentioned some of them are resistant to being caught


  • According to Dr. Smith, the animal instinct took control of the Chimera
    • Notes in Facility H mentioned they were wary about Pyrrhus regressing to a more feral nature, and that it had happened before with a C-131
  • According to Pyrrhus, Nyx can't control herself and was losing her mind. Likely experiment related, possibly related to the animal instinct thing.
    • Pyrrhus also started acting strange and clutching at his pain. When asked about it, he mentioned Nyx. Seemed to get worse when Max threatened him.


  • So far as we know, all probably born in a lab and experimented on.
  • At least for facility H, those that passed a certain number of criteria were moved to Facility King (likely K).
  • They broke out five years ago, massacred the scientists according to Smith.

Known ChimeraEdit

  • C-009 (Nyx): Absol (?)
  • C-131: Apparently caused an incident, may have reverted to being feral?
  • C-??? (Lambert): Possibly 131
  • C-??? (Mal): Dragalge, Possibly 131
  • H-242 (Jean): Persian. Also bred in Facility H, has light powers.
  • H-312 (Pyrrhus): Typhlosion. Bred in Facility H, has fire powers.
  • K-150: ???
  • K-??? (Ciel): Possibly 150.
  • K-??? (Leto): Shedinja, Possibly 150.
  • K-??? (Hugh): Possibly 150.
  • K-??? (Raine): Possibly 150.
  • K-??? (Rex): Haxorus. Can order people around. Probably 150
  • M-??? (Faye): Possibly one of the numbers listed above.
  • S-208 (Rin): Pyrrhus's waifu
  • S-??? (Iskra): Possibly one of the numbers listed above.
  • S-??? (Vespa): Dustox.
  • U-??? (Basir): Musharna.
  • U-??? (Cephas): Unknown, but Chandra's dream implies Rhydon.
  • U-??? (Fleur): Snivy
  • U-??? (Smith): Metagross